Have you ever wanted to know about the background of the visionaries who took the gamble on three miles of desert road? Well, here you are! They are listed as to their appearance on the Strip and each visionary will open up in a new window.

Thomas E. Hull
El Rancho Vegas
Fabulous Flamingo

R.E. Griffith
Hotel Last Frontier

William Moore
Hotel Last Frontier
El Cortez
The Showboat (now called Castaways)

Robert "Doby Doc" Caudill
Hotel Last Frontier

Benjamin Siegel
Flamingo Hotel

Wilbur Clark
Desert Inn

Herb McDonald
Club Bingo/Sahara
El Rancho Las Vegas
Hotel Last Frontier Village

Stan Irwin

Del E. Webb
Flamingo Hotel

Jack "Smilin' Jack" Entratter

Anthony Cornero Stralla

Warren "Doc" Bayley/Judith Bayley
Hacienda Las Vegas
New Frontier

Howard Hughes
Desert Inn
Silver Slipper

Kirk Kerkorian
Caesars Palace
Bonanza Hotel & Casino/MGM Grand
Desert Inn
MGM Sands
MGM Marina/MGM Grand Hotel/Casino
New York New York
The Mirage
Treasure Island
Monte Carlo

Jay Sarno
Caesars Palace
Circus Circus

Ralph Engelstad
Flamingo Capri
Imperial Palace

William Bennett
Circus Circus

Steve Wynn
New Frontier
Treasure Island
Monte Carlo
Desert Inn

Bob Stupak
Million Dollar Historic Gambling Museum
Bob Stupak's Vegas World

Wayne McAllister - Architect
El Rancho Las Vegas
Desert Inn

Martin Stern - Architect
MGM Grand (now Bally's)
El Rancho (was Thunderbird/Silverbird)


There are some unique people out there that even though they had nothing to do with the creation of the Strip per se, their lives were some how, connected. This section is for them.

Charles "Pop" Squires was one of the original settlers of the town of Las Vegas and wrote about his experiences in the early days.

Squires was born in 1865. In 1903, Squires heard Senator William Clark's plans to extend the San Pedro and Los Angeles Railroad all the way to Salt Lake City. Part of this plan was to establish a new town in a desert valley that happened to contain quite a bit of water. It was known as Las Vegas. Squires along with J. Ross Clark, Frank Waters, and Chris N. Brown, borrowed $25,000 from banker John H. Pirtle to establish a bank, a hotel, a lumberyard, and a real estate firm.

When Squires arrived the only place to stay was a tent owned by James Ladd. Squires and his partners put up $1,250 to create the first bank - First State Bank. On May 15, 1905, Squires, along with others, gathered to bid on pieces of property. He bought the entire block between Fourth and Fifth Streets to be used for residences. By June of 1906, he built his own home at Fourth and Fremont. Squires' next project was getting electricity. The Consolidated Power and Telephone Company was incorporated March 20, 1906. Squires bought two 90-horsepower gasoline engines and a pair of 50k Westinghouse generators, capable of producing 110V alternating current, along with 50 telephones, enough for everyone in town who wanted one.

There were three papers in town. The publisher of the Las Vegas Times decided that Vegas was hopeless and moved his newspaper to Caliente, the Las Vegas Advance lasted a few months. C.W. Nicklin owned the Las Vegas Age and he wanted out. Squires bought it for $2,300. Then between 1908 and 1909, Squires became the Vegas official weather observer and installed a small weather station behind the newspaper office at 411 E. Fremont. On July 26, 1931, he logged the highest recorded temperature ever at 118 degrees.

In 1910, Squires, along with three others, drafted the City Charter and marshalled it through the legislature which was signed by Gov. Tasker Oddie on March 17, 1911.

In 1940, Squires sold the Las Vegas Age to Frank Garside, owner of the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

Mom/Pop Squires
In 1951 The Squires said the magic words "See Norge before you buy" and won a trip to Reno as the prize. They are pictured here leaving for Reno

"We were terribly sorry to hear the distressing news that C.P. "Pop" Squires - a Columnist for Fabulous Magazine for eight years - is very ill. Pop, whose health has been waning over the past few years, suffered a severe stroke and at this writing is confined in bed at his home. The venerable writer of Observations for this publiciation, former publisher and long-time civic leader truly deserves the title of 'Mr. Las Vegas,' and we hope sincerely, that by the time this issue is out, Pop will be feeling much better. There is no man in our city loved and respected more deeply and genuinely by so many people." - Jack Cortez, August 9, 1958

Squires died in 1958, at the age of 93.

"It seems strange that Las Vegas, a modern boomtown established as one of the vacation centers of the world, should owe so much to the foresight of one man. But there is little we have today that wasn't given an initial shove by 'Pop' Squires." - Bob Faiss, 1958

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Frank Wright
Historian, and friend to everyone who was interested in the history of Vegas or any part of the City.

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