Chip 1

The commercial artists -- logo designers -- included in their array of Moulin Rouge Resort artwork an attractive French "Can Can" dancer.

The vivacious looking dancer was intended to give the prospective and registered hotel guests the feeling of fun and excitement. And it probably did!

In addition to being on their brochures and other printed pieces it was often used in their advertising, etc.

When "Doc" Bayley re-built and re-opened the "Last Frontier" casino adjacent to the New Frontier Hotel, he gave the job of ordering chips and dice to Dick Taylor who was on the Board of Directors of the New Frontier Hotel. Having been the leasee of the Moulin Rouge Hotel, Taylor thought the "Can Can" girl well represented the theme of the soon to be re-opened "Last Frontier" Casino so he had the lively looking ... Gay 90's style . . . dancer emblazoned on all of the new "Last Frontier" chips and dice.

Chip collectors may have wondered what the connection was: Why was the traditional Moulin Rouge Resort "Can Can" girl on the "Last Frontier" chips and dice? Now you know!

Moulin Chip