I found this article in the July 30, 1960 Fabulous Las Vegas magazine. Since his show was airing when the fire at the El Rancho took place and his station was on the property, I decided to add this to the El Rancho's page. I am not sure where he moved to right after the fire. I know his show was on the Thunderbird's property and later in the 1990's it was at the Debbie Reynolds Hotel/Casino. The picture depicts Kogan in the middle of Margie Lee from the Stardust and Gigi Varone of the Sands.

"The curtain went up on my Variety Theatre, Sunday, August 4, 1958. During the past two years, I have shown 1,007 movies. I have interviewed approximately 400 people, found dogs, cats, automobiles, monkeys, parakeets, and missing people. I have lost many a night's sleep and hope many of you who are reading this have enjoyed the same experience, along with me.

During the first year of the Variety Theatre, the most outstanding event (in my humble opinion) was a birthday party given in honor of Freddy Palmer, a local boy who had Muscular Dystrophy. He was brought to my attention by a telephone operator who informed me of his desperate need for something to occupy his time and mind. On his 17th natal day, I decided to have a birthday party for Freddy at the studio, because of his condition, it was necessary to bring him to the studio in an ambulance. Arrangements were made by the North Las Vegas Fire Department, as all young boys, Freddy hoped lots of entertainers would attend. I went out on the Strip to see how many of the names would come to entertain at this birthday party. The response was overwhelming. The Ritz Brothers acted as party hosts. Tropicana show girls helped Freddy with the cake and candles. pearl Bailey sang happy birthday, and Sophie Tucker sent a generous check. The Characters also came to the party, to show Freddy what entertainment looked like in a hotel lounge. Many wanted to attend but were unable to, due to the fact that this party was held at 4:00am. They, too, sent telegrams, messages, and gifts, the most touching of which was a baby Chihuahua, given to Freddy by a group of captains working in a hotel dining room. It was truly a wonderful birthday for Freddy Palmer." (Kogan didn't say it in his article but research has shown it was the Flamingo captains and it was in June of 1959).

"Other highlights of the first year of the Variety Theatre were interviews with such greats as Trian Boyer, Carole Channing, Gloria DeHaven, Earl Grant, Shecky Greene, Hank Henry, Spike Jones, Alan King, Joe E. Lewis, Ted Lewis, Roberta Linn, Hank Penny, Johnny Puleo, Sally Rand, Mort Sahl, Dick Shawn, Roberta Sherwood, Dick Stabile, Mel Torme, and many more, too numerous to mention. Through the medium of a 'beeper' telephone, I have spoken with personalities all over the world.

The most unusual request of the first year was made by Chuy Reyes, noted pianist, than appearing in Las Vegas. He told me his automobile had been stolen and since I was having a great deal of luck in finding missing animals, asked if I would try to locate his car. I reported it to my viewers and lo and behold the car was found the following day, far in the desert. Another unusual event was locating a missing pet monkey in North Las Vegas.

My most embarrassing moment came after I interviewed Ted Lewis. After our talk, I escorted him out of the studio to say Good-bye and when I came back, did a rather lengthy commercial, for one of my sponsors. After the spiel was over, I suddenly realized that I had been talking to myself in an empty studio, for I had forgotten to use the microphone.

The second year of the Variety Theatre also started with a drinking party. This was a double-header and was for Milton Berle and Mimi Hines. It took place on a Sunday morning at 4:00. Many of the headliners appearing in town came over to say happy birthday. Ed Sullivan called on the 'beeper' to extend his congratulations. This was a really a 'Big big show' on the Variety Theatre.

The second year again included interviews with the personalities who were appearing locally. Some who sat in my 'guest chair' were Pearl Bailey, Victor Borge, Billy Conn, Bobby Darin, Diana Dors, Preston Foster, Lionel Hampton, Buddy Hackett, Harry James, Darvas and Julia, Peter Lawford, Jayne Mansfield, Augie and Margo, Noonan and Marshall, Mary Kaye Trio, Sidney Miller, Rodger Moore, Donald O'Connor, Frankie Vaughn, Billy Williams, and Walter Winchell. W.W. enjoyed his appearance on the program to such an extent, he suggested I interview Jim Backus, the 'Mr. Magoo' of movie fame who was in town to watch the Tournament of Champions. I readily accepted his suggestion. Mr. Magoo turned out to be one of my funniest and most enjoyable interviews." (Jim Backus a few years later would become known as Thurston Howell, III on Gilligan's Island.)

"The 'Guest Chair' was also occupied by many outside of the show business world. Just a few include Senator Cannon, Jim Corso, manager of our local Western Union, Father Crowley and Judge David Zenoff. Also various Strip hotel owners, Jack Entratter, Ben Goffstein, and Major Riddle.

Unusual event of the second year included the finding of a missing parakeet; the appearance of a 10 month old baby wandering into the studio at 6:00am in his diapers; the saving of a child who had turned on some gas jets (his parents were watching the Variety Theatre) and a youngster who had called on the 'beeper' at 8:00am. When I asked him if his daddy was sleeping he replied, 'No Jack, he is sitting on the toilet.'

During the past two years many of my viewers have asked me to name my most interesting interview. This would be impossible without placing them in categories. With apologies to all concerned, here are my choices.

Most interesting man - Walter Winchell, Most interesting woman - Carole Channing. Funniest interview - Hank Henry and Jim Backus. Most unusual interview - Buddy Hackett (he discussed his special diet). Most beautiful woman - Diana Dors. Most charming personality - Miss Margie Lee. Most surprise interview - Jayne Mansfield (her choice of words was outstanding.)0 Most difficult interview - Monsieur Chappie of the Folies Bergere, a French artist who spoke very little English.

It has been two long but pleasant years. I started with one movie and two hours a week. Thanks to you folks, I am now working 32 hours a week and receive possibly more television exposure than anyone in the country.

As the curtain goes up on the third year of the Variety Theatre, I hope the high light of the program will be the Sunshine Exchange Club. This is a portion of the program that has set its goal to helping some of the needy citizens of Las Vegas. Although the club is in its infancy we have brought 'Sunshine' to folks in need of furniture, food and clothing. We have also raised funds for a local woman who needed an artificial leg. Now, we hope to be able to do many more of those deeds during our third year, with your aid.

There are quiet a few nice people in our town whom I would like to thank for helping me to make my first two years with the Variety Theatre possible. The sponsors who have been with me since the start, and the ones who have joined me. The entire staff of the station, and one person in particular, I wish to say thanks to, is a man who had faith in the people of Las Vegas, whom he felt would accept the variety Theatre - My Boss and owner of KSHO TV, Mr. Alex Gold.

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