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This is a new section for me (1/02). Many of the original "Strip Stars" have passed on and unfortunately, too many have been forgotten. I'm going to start an obituary section for them whenever I can find the information. I'm low on cash so I'm not actively looking for items or conducting any deep research but when I find an obituary, I'll add it. Some memories I've weaved in the resorts they were last or best known (Frank Sinatra/Dean Martin) but for those who aren't, I will add them here. I'm getting my information from newspapers, magazines, and Internet Movie Database (I love this site!) Gone, but not forgotten for their contributions to the evolution of the ladies on the Strip! So far I've added: (Each one will open in a new window)

Jack Benny

Jack Benny - Caesars Palace, Desert Inn, Riviera, and Sahara.

Milton Berle

Milton Berle - Caesars Palace, Desert Inn, El Rancho Las Vegas, Flamingo, Sahara, and Sands.

Foster Brooks

Foster Brooks - Frontier, International (LV Hilton), Sahara, and Sands.

Victor Borge

Victor Borge - Sahara.

George Burns

George Burns - Caesars Palace, Dunes, Frontier, Riviera, and Sahara.

Leo Carrillo

Leo Carrillo - Hotel Last Frontier

Jimmy Durante

Jimmy Durante - Desert Inn, Flamingo, Frontier, Landmark, and Sands.

Juan Garcia Esquivel

Juan Garcia Esquivel - Stardust

Totie Fields

Totie Fields - Sahara

Buddy Hackett

Buddy Hackett - Sahara

Bob Hope

Bob Hope - Riviera, Desert Inn Golf Course

Blackie Hunt
Donated by Nelson Sardelli

Charles "Blackie" Hunt - Flamingo, The International, Sahara, Stardust

Christine Jorsensen

Christine Jorgensen - Sahara

Joe E. Lewis

Joe E. Lewis - Tropicana

Julie London

Julie London - Tropicana

Russ Morgan

Russ Morgan - Dunes

Red Skelton w/daughter
Skelton w/daughter

Red Skelton - Riviera, Sahara, and Sands.

Danny Thomas

Danny Thomas - Caesars Palace, Dunes, Flamingo, Landmark, Sahara, and Sands.

Claude Cliff Trenier
Claude & Cliff Trenier

Claude Trenier - Desert Spa, Flamingo, Frontier, Las Vegas Hilton, Riviera, Royal Nevada, Sahara, Silver Slipper, Thunderbird, and Tropicana.

Bobby Troup

Bobby Troup - Tropicana

Sophie Tucker

Sophie Tucker - El Rancho Las Vegas, Hotel Last Frontier, Riviera, Sands, and Sahara.

Bob Urich

Robert Urich Mostly Desert Inn through his show Vega$ but other ladies had roles on the show from time to time.




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