1. Deanna DeMatteo owns this site. Keep in mind that you are not doing me any favors by providing me with information. You are doing a favor to yourself and the visitors by sharing your memories. I pay for the webspace, registration fees, domain name, as well as do all the typing, scanning, and coding. Therefore I am doing you a favor by allowing you to use my site as a way to convey your memories. Do not tell me that I owe you for contributing the information or you are doing me a favor.

  2. You are not my boss. You are supplying the information, pictures, graphics, articles, etc., (hereinafter "items"). You are to abide by my time restrictions. I receive 250-300 e-mails a day. I may answer your e-mail immediately or within a couple of weeks. I will put your items up on my site when I decide to depending upon what items are ahead of yours and what property needs to be a priority.

  3. I have the final decision to use all, part, or none of the items you send. It is at my sole discretion as to what goes on this site. It is also at my sole discretion whether to dedicate a separate page to you or include your items in the property's page.

  4. You waive all rights to items you contribute to this site as far as the items appear, are used or are mentioned or written about in TV shows, radio shows, magazines, newspapers, articles, books, flyers, etc. Credit usually goes to the site as has previously been proved. You will not obtain any compensation, in any way, shape or form, from the items that are used on the site.

  5. Relatives of the visionaries will always have priority over any previously contributed items. They are decedents to the visionaries and therefore I pay them the same respect and honor as if they were the visionaries themselves.

  6. The resorts will always have priority over any previously contributed items. The site is about them and their creators, and their information will be loaded first.

  7. I have the right to take down any or all of the items you contributed at any time I decide that they no longer benefit the site.

  8. Any images you e-mail to me will not be taken from any other website.