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Your site cannot be a links-only site. It should be useful, informative, preferrably have something to do with Vegas, and most of all, I have to like it. Exceptions are so noted.

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Click Here for a wonderful site featuring Ray Charles singing God Bless America

Click Here Lee Greenwood's God Bless The USA (Click On USA Tribute to Hear it)
Thanks to Sam Melchionne for referring these sites.

VEGAS STRIP RELATED - Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville can be found in the Flamingo. He was also nice enough to advertise my site on his radio station in Florida when it first opened so I'm advertising his site.

Nelson Sardelli- Nelson is a great Strip entertainer and his site contains all kinds of facts and pictures. Nelson also has another site called FIORE - Fun Italians Organizing Ridiculous Events. Check it out when you have a chance.

Michael Conine - Michael Conine is the man who created the brass sculpture of the Crazy Girls which you will find outside the Riviera. This site shows how he created the sculpture and is very interesting.

Bill Cooksey - Read about Bill Cooksey breaking the Guinness Book World Record at the Silver City.

The Little Church of the West - This church was the first church on the Strip being born on the property of the 2nd lady on the Strip, Hotel Last Frontier. She was transferred to the Hacienda and now she is on her own. Whether you are planning a wedding or just want to visit her, everything can be found on her site.

Neon Museum

Gloria Walters Debbie Reynolds Site - This site is dedicated to Debbie Reynolds.


When the Mob Ran Vegas - This website sells Steve Fischer's book When the Mob Ran Vegas. Great book and interesting reading for sure!

Classic Las Vegas - This website was created by Lynn Zook who has donated to this site. Stop by and take a look.

Casino Owners - This page has the owners of various casinos/resorts in Vegas.

Classic Vegas - Take a look at classic Vegas. - This is another great site for gamblers with all kinds of information and products.

Dean Davis Wrote That - This is a very interesting website in that Davis promotes a series of books that feature detective King Bennett. However, none of the books "authored" by Davis actually exist. Neither do the magazines, biographies, record covers or reviews. Please read the article that Las Vegas Review Journal wrote about Dean's site. His site is really interesting!

Las Vegas Uncovered, A Guide for Brits by Brit to Las Vegas - This site covers or shall I say uncover some interesting aspects of Vegas.

Steve Miller - Steve is a former Las Vegas City Councilman. In 1991, the readers of the Las Vegas Review Journal voted him the "Most Effective Public Official" in Southern Nevada. He currently writes nationally syndicated columns on organized crime and political corruption for American Mafia; and Twisted Badge Stories.


Pete Rizzo's Las Vegas Casino Chips - Pete has a great chip site and has been helpful in allowing me to use scans of his chips for this site.

Starchip Enterprises - For all you chip collectors out there this site deals with collecting, trading & selling Casino chips, gaming tokens and slot cards.

Chequers - The Home of Chips and Tokens on the Web. Another fine collectors site.

Casino Rarities - This site is dedicated to the preservation of Las Vegas' rich gaming history throught the display of top quality chips.

Casino Tokens - This site was referred by Noel Tominack and is apparently owned by Dan Wickett.


This section consists of links of celebrities that I have seen on the Strip. Obviously, if I see a show/band/person, etc., that I don't like, I won't put up the link.

Jeff Dunham Site - I've seen Jeff Dunham at the Sahara, among other areas in Southern California. In 2000, he played at the Monte Carlo. I think this guy is great and I always go to his shows with tissues as I laugh so hard my mascara does its running thing. I'm a hard-core Jeff Dunham fan. Check him out!!!!!

Frank Marino - Frank Marino is Joan Rivers at the Riviera in An Evening At La Cage. I went to see this show in July of 2000, and loved it. I've recommended it to four friends and they call came back with rave reviews. Presently, Frank is the only Strip star that has not only agreed to help me with the site by sending me everything he could think of, but he also gave me permission to use his book and show program in this site, and even called me to let me know he believed in what I was doing and he would help in anyway he can.

Lance Burton - Lance Burton was the first casino show I had seen (I have since seen Splash, An Evening at La Cage, and Crazy Girls at the Riviera). I'm not a big magic fan in any way, shape or form. I actually went to the show because it was the cheapest casino show at the time and I couldn't afford anything else. I was not only surprised by the incredible talent this man has but he has a great on-stage personality. He is truly a wonderful magician and his show is a must-see. The juggler he has opening the show, Michael Goudeau, was just as good with the same charm and personality that Burton has. A win-win team in a great and amazing show.

Rick Springfield - In July of 2001 & June, 2002, I had the opportunity to see EFX starring Rick Springfield at the MGM Grand which I loved.


The following links are from Vegas sites who had linked to my site. As you may know, I'm considered an outsider since I live in California and a lot of media, etc., have decided not to help me or acknowledge this site's existence - shunning me at every turn. So far, there's only two but hope lingers on.

Las Vegas City Life magazine - They reported on my site being stolen and was very nice to me.


These are just sites of general interest that I like for one reason or another and has nothing to do with the Strip.

Love That Cat - I bought some catnip body pillows for my cats and they loved them so much that I bought 3 more for my kid's cats. Check out their store.

Richard Hatch - Richard is a very good friend of mine and at one time he used to be my boss 1994-1998. He has starred in many TV shows and movies (including Battlestar Galactica, Streets of San Francisco, Story of Jan & Dean) but he has an entirely different life in addition to his acting career. Check out his site - you may be surprised!

California - This is a very well done, cool site about, well, highways.

Internet Movie Database - This may or may not relate to the Strip, depending on how you look at it. This site is a complete diary of movies, actors, and the like. I've relied on it to create my Strip Obituaries, and any trivia questions that come up. This is so full of information that it will take you forever to read it. Check them out!

Indy Pace Cars - This site was created by friend of mine, Marc Lieberman. Marc and I go back a few years on the internet. One of his sites was the first site I ever assisted in creating. .

I needed earrings that were nice and cheap and started looking around Ebay. I found this incredible lady and her son who are Navajo silversmiths. Frances and Erick Begay have beautiful jewelry both Indian and non. I normally don't put commercial sites on this page but I've gotten two pairs of earrings and I'm hooked on them. You can visit their website at Their customer service is most helpful and I've enjoyed my auction experience with them.

Cycle Jumpers - If you are into cycle jumpers, this is a good site to see. The owner gave me permission to use information on Gary Wells to add to my site.


I collect pins from charities, and fire/police departments, as well as places. For those of you who collect these types of pins or interested in starting a collection, I've added some links to places where I received pins and was very satisfied with them.

Charity Watch - This site lists all kinds of charities
Childrens Defense Fund
Childrens Defense League of America
Cops Store
Dogs For The Deaf
National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund

Other Names On Property/Descriptions

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